Center of Excellence for NRM and Sustainable Livelihood

Our goal is to bring together knowledge, resources, expertise and tools available across the ecoystem, and act as a catalyst to promote convergence and collaborative efforts between people, communities, programs and institutions to amplify the collective impact of Natural Resource Management efforts.

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    Explore how you can get involved with NRM

    Explore what NRM programs are trying to achieve, review digital training content from these programs, review NRM plans and other artefacts created by these programs in nearby communities, explore jobs in NRM, or contact program staff to see how your community can participate.

  • departments and programs

    Explore synergies with other departments across the state

    View ongoing NRM programs, review their digital content, explore opportunities to leverage practitioners that are already trained, reach out and connect with other programs to get help, share resources, collaborate, and work together to amplify impact.

  • policy makers

    Make robust Data Driven Policy Decisions

    The COE provides a bird’s eye view through cutting edge digital monitoring and research capabilities to enable robust policy decisions leading to desirable outcomes.

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