The Forest Management Plan (FMP) is a very important and unique initiative under the Community Led Landscape Management Project (CLLMP).
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Community Led Landscape Management Project (CLLMP) has very rightly identified preparation of Forest Management Plan as one of the important project components. Achieving Sustainable Landscape Management without the sustainable forest management is not possible, more so in the biodiversity-rich, hilly landscapes of Meghalaya.
Preparation of Forest Management Plan for all the 400 villages selected under CLLMP has been done with the involvement of community members. Training of local youths identified as VCFs, in the methodology and field works of Forest Inventory has led to major capacity development in the communities of a technical and specialized kind.

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Training of Village Community Facilitators (VCF)



Number of VCFs Trained

East Garo Hills 30 90
East Jaintia Hills 30 90
East Khasi Hills 93 279
North Garo Hills 20 60
Ri Bhoi 30 90
South Garo Hills 23 69
South West Garo Hills 49 147
South West Khasi Hills 40 110
West Garo Hills 40 91
West Khasi Hills 25 75
West Jaintia Hills 20 60


Meeting with the Community