We aspire to create an enabling environment for people, communities and institutions to actively engage in sustainable Natural Resource Management.

Re-imagining the way we design, resource, and implement programs and policies that make it possible to deliver impact with speed, at scale, sustainably.

  • Amplify Public Awareness

    Increase awareness of challenges facing communities due to degradation of natural landscapes as well as opportunities that can be unlocked through NRM, to garner greater participation, ownership and accountability of actions, creating and promoting channels for constant engagement to enable cross learning, dialogues, recognition, access to resources and timely mobilization of support.

  • Empower and Strengthen Agency

    Empowering residents, community-based institutions, government staff and other local actors by democratizing access to NRM related data knowledge and tools and empowering them to actively participate in efforts to realize desirable context sensitive outcomes through NRM

  • Unlock Livelihood Pathways

    Promoting livelihood opportunities as a targeted outcome of NRM efforts and ensuring livelihood pathways and opportunities for people who offer expertise, products and services across the ecosystem to enable ecologically and economically sustainable outcomes at scale.