Seedball Initiatives

Seed balls and seed bombing is a technique of compassionate natural farming where we become instrumental in disbursing the seeds of our native trees for their regeneration. Seed bombs are actually ancient Japanese practice called Tsuchi Dango which means ‘Earth Dumpling’ as they are made of clay earth.This technique was reintroduced by Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka. This is made of clay and also some additives like humus and compost. There are many references of using this technique to recover derelict grounds resulting due to some human activities like mining and heavy tillage agriculture.

Seedball Making and Dispersal

As part of the Seedball Initiative, school children have been imparted taining for making seedballs. Master Trainers– who are basically village-based resource persons for the seedball initiative in all the 12 districts have been carrying out the training for seed-ball making through practical demonstration in the selected schools. 1840 schools spread across the state have been selected for the program. Nearly 3.2 million seedballs are expected to be produced by the children in these schools which will be broadcasted during next monsoon season(2023)

PHASE I 920 Schools 920 Completed
PHASE II 920 Schools -------


Training by Resource Person
Training by Resource Person
Seedball Bombing in Mining affected Area