Springshed Development For Rejuvenation Of Springs For Climate Resilient Development In Water Stressed Areas Of Meghalaya

Project Goal

Program Goal

To revive impaired and critical springs to ensure enhanced water, food and livelihood security under convergence approach as a climate change adaptation strategy of vulnerable communities through scientific and participatory development of springsheds.


Program Duration

February 2016 - March 2021

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Program Activities

  • Mapping of 306 springsheds
  • Spring data collection in the 306 springsheds
  • Structural Measures (Construction of small check dams, percolation pits, trenches, spring chambers)
  • Afforestation Livelihood activities (fruit trees, piggery, poultry, etc.)
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Project objective illustration

Program Objective

    • Inventorization of Springs
    • Revival of critical and impaired springs in 306 Springsheds through a landscape approach (structural measures and vegetative measures)
    • Capacity Building of village level stakeholders and village level institutions for conservation and protection of springs
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Program Budget

22.178 Crores

  • Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change (under NAFCC) through NABARD (as National Implementing Entity). 100% Central Grant

Head of Program

L. N. Marak

Director of Soil & Water Conservation Department


Additional Director

Jt. Director (HQ)

Other Officers at Directorate Level

District Level Officers of Territorial Divisions (11 Districts), Field Level SWC

Additional Details

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