Creating Boundaries of all the villages in Meghalaya with the help of GPS an Google Earth Images for Natural resource Management

In Meghalaya, since cadastral survey has not been done, boundaries of the villages do not exist. However, for natural resource management planning and interventions, boundaries of the villages are essentially required. To overcome the problem, GIS lab of MBDA has undertaken the exercise of capturing the boundaries of the villages with the help of local people and VCFs who has knowledge about the village boundaries. Training to VCFs from the villages for capturing village boundaries using GPS and Google Earth images has been imparted and they are asked to traverse the boundary and capture the same on GPS. The GPS data is then downloaded and processed by overlaying the same on Google Earth images at MBDA GIS lab for finalizing the village boundaries. Such boundaries of villages may not serve the purpose for administrative or legal matters but they are good enough for the purpose of Natural Resource Management.


  • 1. Capturing Village boundaries of Meghalaya with the help of GPS and Google Earth Images for Natural Resource Management.
  • 2. Impart training to VCFs for capturing the boundaries using GPS and Google Earth images.



MBDA/MBMA GIS lab had been collecting NRM village boundaries for various projects.

Project Goal

400 Villages


1350 Villages

Project Goal

487 Villages


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